As the COVID-19 pandemic continues with no end in site certain services like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have benefitted from people being stuck inside and using their devices more. Now AdBlock can be included in there as it reveals more in an update.

Those who make use of the service were alerted to an update – version 4.23.0 – which comes with a bit of a preamble about its users.

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in AdBlock adoption this year. Many of our users are stuck inside, spending more time online, and looking to reduce distractions. We’ve been improving AdBlock throughout it all,” the update reads.

In the same update and on the software’s website it is stated that there are 65 million users of AdBlock worldwide.

Version 4.23.0 of AdBlock, at least on Google’s Chrome browser, comes with these key points of change:

  • AdBlock VPN
  • Support YouTube Creators
  • Hide Cookie Notifications
  • Allow Twitch Ads
  • Ad Blocking Improvements
  • YouTube Fixes

The VPN is not launched just yet but those interested in trying it out before public release can head here to leave their email address for early access. AdBlock VPN will be a paid service with a “small fee”. With many established VPNs floating around and a more conscientious public looking for privacy online, we’ll have to wait and see how this offering stacks up.

Changes to YouTube and Twitch allow control over ads you see on those sites so you can block certain content while still seeing specific adverts to continue supporting creators on those platforms.

As always, when talking about any software that blocks ads, we like to remind everyone to try and support the content you like online. Ads are usually annoying but they’re a necessary evil to make and keep sites free. Even if you do choose to completely block ads on sites you frequent consider supporting them in other ways such as sharing links with others.

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