Traditionally a convincing reason to buy a next-gen console is to play entirely new games, but now many may consider picking up a PlayStation 5 for Demon’s Souls.

This isn’t the original from 2009, but instead the remake which is exclusive to the PS5 and will launch with the console on 12th November.

We’ve seen a bit of this remake in the past, but a new 4K trailer treats us to a lot more, embedded below:

Unlike many other games which call themselves remakes or remasters, this truly looks like a brand new title based on the original. This is especially true as the trailer isn’t some canned animation, but is instead – supposedly – actual gameplay.

“Returning fans will remember the horrors of the Armored Spider and Flamelurker, who lie in wait for the foolhardy in Stonefang. On PS5, we have lovingly recreated these daunting battles so you will believe that your memories have come to life. Every spark and ember, every blow against your shield, and every furious screech, just the way you imagined it,” writes creative director, SIE Worldwide Studios External Development, Gavin Moore.

Those sparks and embers are a highlight here as the lighting really is fantastic. It makes this game look fresh and believable while still maintaining that hopeless dark feel the Souls series is now known for.

This remake is slated to be a triumph return for those who played the original as well as an introduction for new players. Come 12th November we’ll have to see if the latter bunch is ready for the punishing crush of a game that just about created its own genre.

“It has been an honor to work on such a legendary and beloved title as Demon’s Souls. We understand how much it means to all of you because it means so much to us,” Moore concludes.