Sure, a flagship phone is great, but spending in excess of R20k is simply not possible for everyone. That’s why the savvy consumer looks for great value for money devices, and luckily Huawei has just such a device on the horizon – the P Smart 2021.

The new device will be landing locally in the coming weeks, promising a hard-to-beat mix of design, specifications, photography and performance that you won’t find anywhere else.

With South Africans long priding themselves in finding a bargain, the new Huawei P Smart 2021 is more of a steal.

If the mention of 2021 is throwing you off, this latest iteration of P Smart is boasting elements you will not find on other similarly priced devices. There’s also the fact that 2020 has been less than ideal for everyone, so why not start the new year with an equally new smartphone.

One which will capture all your memories with its powerfully-specced camera, store them in the Huawei’s cloud ecosystem for safekeeping, have enough battery power to last you an entire day and night, and designed to catch the eye thanks to its unique array of colour options.

All of this is created with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) in mind, which brings the AppGallery to the fore, curated with the world’s most popular applications, as well as ones from South African developers to deliver a uniquely local smartphone experience.

Built to last

As the local release date for P Smart 2021 draws nearer, Huawei has been highlighting some of the elements that savvy smartphone users will be most intrigued by in this new device.

Here it is the large display and battery life in particular that users will be interested in, with the P Smart 2021 sporting a 6.67″ FullHD+ screen and sizeable 5 000mAh battery to match.

The massive display, which also does away with any screen notch in favour of a far sleeker looking punch hole for the selfie camera, means that the P Smart 2021 has a design language to match that of Huawei’s future devices.

The increased real estate and 2400×1080 resolution on offer, also makes this device particularly good at multitasking and watching content.

This is paired with innovative AI power saving technology from the 5 000mAh battery, which features eight optimisation tools to ensure software and hardware are well balanced.

The result is battery consumption that gets smarter over time, and consequently means that unexpected battery repairs are no longer a consideration.

Along with the smart battery management, is 22.5W SuperCharge. On those rare occasions when battery life is running low and you need a quick solution, the SuperCharge available on the P Smart 2021 is capable of delivering up to two hours worth of video playback after only 10 minutes of charging.

If ever you’re in a tough spot battery wise then, it is quite a handy feature to be able to tap into.

There is quite a bit more to the P Smart 2021 than its beautifully crisp display and exceptional battery life, and as we near closer to its local launch early next month, more tidbits about this great value for money smartphone will be forthcoming.

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