Cooler Master holding contest to design a gaming chair that isn’t ugly

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Office chairs marketed towards gamers have a stigma around them, as they usually look like a violent train wreck involving a Michael Bay Transformer and a poser emo kid from grade school. In an effort to address this and just let the community do some of the hard work, Cooler Master is holding a contest to design something better.

Between now and 12th October you can submit your unique design for a special limited edition of the Caliber R2 chair. Cooler Master judges will pick the three they deem best and the community will vote on them between 13th and 19th October. Once the contest is over the winning design will be made into a version you can buy, and everyone who took part will get a discount.

The winner, for their work, will get just the chair they designed. This prize seems rather small given the value of the chair and the discounts on offer for those who take part, as broken down below:

  • People who submitted a design: $209 / €179.95 (around R3 435 / R3 487)
  • People who voted: $254 / €219.95 (around R4 174 / R4 262)
  • Regular customers: $299 / €259.95 (around R4 914 / R5 037)

While only mention of the US and European prices are provided we’ve read over the terms and conditions of the contest (available here) and it doesn’t say that those outside of those territories can’t take part.

On top of this, if the value of the prize wasn’t too impressive in the first place, the Ts and Cs also state that expenses such as taxes on the prize (especially important if you’re entering from outside the US and Europe) fall on the head of the winner.

If that doesn’t turn you off and you’ve been waiting for a chance to make a gaming chair that isn’t hideous, head on over to the official contest page.

There you will find design files which you will need to modify and use to craft your entry. Once you’re done that same page can be used to submit your entry.

“Do you spend your nights gaming in an ugly chair? It’s OK to admit it. Most gaming chairs are ugly. But yours is especially ugly. Well unless you bought it from Cooler Master. Then it looks great. But maybe it could still look better with your input. We challenge you to design your own Caliber R2 and create the sexiest looking gaming chair the world has ever seen,” reads the included description, fully acknowledging the world of gaudy gaming seating.

If all of this sounds familiar it’s because Cooler Master has done something similar in the past. Just earlier this year it rand a design contest to create a limited edition version of its MM711 mouse. That contest was a bit more in the social good category as benefits from it went to causes fighting the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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