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Fotor: More than just a photo editor

There’s a big misconception in the world of editing images: that you’re either stuck with the default software that your device came with, or you need to make the big jump up into professional apps that require subscriptions and dozens of programmes installed that you’ll probably never use.

This misconception is particularly damaging as, for most people, what they really need is something powerful enough to create great images, without incredibly high prices or complex interfaces. The latter is a real sticking point as, with many pieces of software in this field, you’re encouraged to dedicate a lot of time to learning on the job or patriating in endless tutorials.

Thankfully Fotor is here to help. It perfectly meets at the nexus of affordable, easy to use and powerful, so you’re no longer dreading the need to edit images, but you’ll instead look forward to it.

This online photo editor offers a wide range of options that’s still easy to navigate. Start with the Basics like crops, rotates, colours, and resizes. Once you’re happy with that you can move on to the Effects tab to add dozens of interesting looks to your image with a single press. Want to make your image look like a painting, or a cartoon? Or maybe a vintage piece that’s monochrome or sepia? It’s all here.

There’s a dedicated Beauty tab for touching up portraits, Frames to give completed pieces a home, a vast swathe of Text options an more like collages and graphic design-focused options.

Fotor’s online photo editor is free to sign up for so give it all those features a try.

Photo editing where and when you want it

As we said earlier Fotor is an online photo editor with all the speed and convenience you’d expect from software that runs right in your browser, but that’s not the only place  you’ll find it.

If you already have a hundred browser tabs open or you just prefer your software downloaded onto your machine, Fotor also offers download versions for Windows and Mac.

In the age of working from home this is invaluable. If you’ve got, for example, a Mac at work and a Windows machine at home, that’s no problem at all as Fotor works on them both.

Making this even sweeter is the fact that Fotor promises you a seamless cross-platform experience so hope around between platforms as much as you like.

Not enough platforms for you? Well it’s on Android and iOS too. You can access many of the same desktop features while on the go, so you can give those social media posts quick nip and tuck before publishing. What we love about mobile photo editors like Fotor is that, when you have some free time while waiting in line or for an appointment, you can really experiment with the app and explore what it has to offer.

The Facebook connection

If you want to promote yourself or your business in 2020 Facebook cannot be overlooked when it comes to marketing or simply just posting to your official pages to keep everyone up to date.

The best way to catch the eye of customers, friends and family has always been with images, and with this Fotor has you covered with its Facebook post templates.

These templates make it dead easy to create beautiful graphics to accompany anything you want to post on this platform and other social media.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer – or hire one – to make these, nor do you need to take a class in design or what makes for a good post. Fotor handles this all for you.

The Facebook post templates are as simple four-step process: select “Facebook Post” from within the software, choose a preset you like, modify the preset as you see fit, and save. That’s it. In those four steps there’s a lot of options for you to be creative and properly apply your brand identity, such as creating your own template and saving the dimensions and file type of your choice.

See below for some of the posts made directly in Fotor:

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