How to farm Darkness and Gemstones in Hades 1.0

With Hades now out of Early Access there’s more avenues than ever to pour your Darkness and Gemstones into, but there are a few tricks to make sure each run is close to optimal if you want to farm.

Whether you’re a new player looking for early unlocks or a returning one wanting to grind out the last few vanity items, this is the guide for you.

If you get lost at any point or want to read more about certain things we gloss over, we highly recommend the Hades fan wiki.

For new player this guide contains minor spoilers about mid game unlocks and other small details.


The below are unlocks and upgrade you’ll want at max rank before you start farming. If some of them in your game aren’t levelled up or the way, or you’re new and you haven’t even unlocked them, no worries. You can still follow the rest of this guide and get decent returns on your time.

Darker Thirst weapon modifier which grants 20 percent extra Darkness and Gemstones. Indicated by a black / purple glow around your weapon before you pick it up.

Conch Shell is the Keepsake given to you by Poseidon in exchange for a bottle of Nectar. Your next boon will be from Poseidon and it will be a higher rarity. At three stars it will give you a 20 percent chance to be Rare or better.

Fated Persuasion is part of the green side of the Mirror of the Night and gives you four dice to altar Boons.

Vanquisher’s Keep rewards Gemstones after beating bosses. Visit the House Contractor to unlock.

How to farm

  1. Select whichever weapon has the Darker Thirst enabled, the Conch Shell as your Keepsake and Fated Persuasion on the Mirror of the Night.
  2. Set your Heat level however you like, as long as you can confidently beat Hades. The Heat level also needs to be one you’ve beaten before so that bosses will reward you with Darkness and Gemstones instead of the regular rewards.
  3. Using the dice from Fated Persuasion, reroll your Poseidon Boon until you get Ocean’s Bounty. This increases Darkness, Gemstone and Charon’s Obol room rewards.
  4. Take all Chaos Gates that appear, and buy the Light of Ixion item from the Well of Charon when available.
  5. When receiving a Boon from Chaos try to reroll into Eclipse. The Eclipse Boon gives you a blanket percentage increase to all Darkness and Gemstone pickups.
  6. Aside from the above take whatever Daedalus Hammers, Boons, room rewards etc that will help you beat all the bosses and eventually Hades.


From dozens of farming runs the Eclipse Boon from Chaos is makes the largest difference to Darkness and Gemstone results, followed by the Boss rewards and then room rewards influenced by Poseidon’s Ocean’s Bounty.

As this is a roguelike you can have runs where, despite using all your rerolls, you never get Ocean’s Bounty or Eclipse. Don’t worry as the Bosses will always be there to make every run worth your time.

Poseidon’s other Boon, Sunken Treasure, may seem like a great pickup as it gives you a random assortment of Darkness, Gemstones, Charon’s Obols and Health. In truth this boon usually grants just a few dozen of the resources you need. It’s almost never worth taking unless you’re already strong enough to beat the bosses and don’t mind wasting a Boon pickup for a meagre reward.

It goes without saying but always take rooms that offer raw Darkness and Gemstones. These are a big source of both and Ocean’s Bounty only works for them.

If you still haven’t gotten Ocean’s Bounty or Eclipse yet rooms rewarding keys are worth visiting, if you have invested in Fated Keys. This unlock from the House Contractors grants you a Fated Authority reroll die whenever you pick up a room reward key.

Infernal Troves which randomly reward the currency you want are a great source too. If you have enough money to spend at the Well of Charon, the Trove Tracker is usually worth buying (ensures a trove will appear when possible).

Finally, remember to check the Wretched Broker after every single run. Their variable offer (the last item on the list) can turn one currency into another, usually at a favourable conversion rate depending on your needs.

Using the techniques above we’ve been raking in a few thousand Darkness every single run. If you’ve found a better farming technique or a way to improve ours, please let us know.

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