htxt.africast – New games, DLC and next month’s Dell Technologies Forum

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In this week’s edition of the africast, sponsored by Dell Technologies South Africa, we talk about the new games and expansions we’ve been playing, the possible charger-less future of phones, and next month’s virtual Dell Technologies Forum.

Starting with games and there’s expansions for two big franchises that just came out: the Crown Tundra for Pokémon Sword / Shield, and The Ancient Gods – Part One for Doom Eternal. Both share the design philosophy of “more is more” by choosing to heap on what’s expected from the base games instead of innovating on the experience.

Also in the world of gaming we recently reviewed Watch Dogs: Legion from Ubisoft, finding it be be enjoyable escape to a near-future version of the UK, albeit with some Black Mirror-esque elements that touches on some tech politics. Save for some microtransactions and odd performance hits on PC, it comes highly recommended.

Then we leave games behind to cover the charger debacle growing in the industry as Apple’s recently announced end to including chargers for iPhone 12 packaging could see Samsung follow suit. Is it a genuine push for the environment or just another way to sell accessories?

Now for the big ticket item of the week in the form of the Dell Technologies Forum, which is happening virtually on 25th November and is free to attend. We interviewed, remotely of course, country marketing manager at Dell Technologies South Africa, Jason Jenkinson, to get all the behind the scenes info about the event. We also learn more about Dell Technologies plans to enable digital transformation for customers  and what future industry events may look like.

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