Huawei Mate 40 series revealed, but launch date was curiously absent

Earlier today Huawei held a global press conference for its new flagship series – the Huawei Mate 40. By 2020 press conference standards it was okay, but there were a couple of oddities, namely around the launch date and availability of the new devices.

We’ll touch on those a bit later, but let’s first look at what the Huawei Mate 40 series is boasting, especially as it has some tough competition in the recently revealed iPhone 12 lineup and Galaxy Note 20 smartphones.

First, there are three models of device on offer – a regular Mate 40, a Mate 40 Pro, the Mate 40 Pro+ and Porsche Design Mate 40 RS. The final one is not of much interest as it will likely be very limited if launched in South Africa.

Instead, let’s look at the other three, which are all boasting impressive new silicon from Huawei. This takes the form of the Kirin 9000, which is a 5nm 5G-supporting SoC, which is clearly designed to rival the new A14 Bionic that Apple debuted last week.

How the two perform compared to one another remains to be seen, but both companies are raising the bar as far as smartphone processors go.

The other element key across all three is the rear camera housing, which Huawei is calling the Space Ring. It replaces the Halo Ring found on the previous model, and the Leica branded features heavily here. As does a new 50MP SuperSensing wide-angle lens, which to is present across the lineup.

The difference is the other other lenses available, as well as what zooming features are on hand.

The regular model has a 16MP ultra-wide and 8MP telephoto lens, while the 40 Pro features a 20MP ultra-wide and 12MP telephoto. Lastly, the Pro+ variant features a 20MP ultra-wide, 12MP telephoto, 8MP super zoom (10x optical zoom) and 3D depth sensing.

Looking at some of the other key specifications, the Mate 40 has a 6.5″ screen, with the 40 Pro and Pro+ fitted with larger 6.76″ ones. The former two also feature 8GB RAM, but the Pro+ ups this to 12GB, with 256GB internal storage found across the board.

As for pricing, Huawei has only listed recommended pricing in Euros, but as mentioned earlier, was not forthcoming on the release date. We’re not just talking about South Africa, which is a first-wave territory for Huawei, with no official release date being noted whatsoever.

It is a rather significant omission on Huawei’s part. With the Mate 30 series’ launch being delayed locally, it does not bode well for this latest lineup, all of which are touting some impressive hardware.

Back to the price and the Mate 40 is recommended to start at €899 (~R14 643), the Mate 40 Pro at €1 199 (~R19 530) and Mate 40 Pro+ at €1 399 (~R22 781).

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