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Like Hades, Darkest Dungeon 2 will be in Early Access on Epic

Darkest Dungeon 2, the sequel to the beloved 2016 game, has been announced for the Epic Games Store and Early Access in 2021.

Putting aside the fact that “Early Access” is more commonly associated with games on Steam, this announcement has not made any mention of timed exclusivity for the Epic Games Store, or any mention of console ports.

This has garnered the irk of many in the community, but this trailer comes with another surprise: 3D. The original game was a 2D affair, but that looks to change in the sequel.

“Our familiar companions band together for another journey into oblivion – this time in stylized 3d! In fact, this teaser was captured straight out of Unity, and uses the in-game character models and rendering techniques from the game itself. With a refined combat system and a whole new metagame, Darkest Dungeon II is packed with fresh monsters, bosses, and challenges,” reads the announcement.

Outside of store exclusivity and a new look for the sequel there’s also a boardgame based on the series that recently launched on Kickstarter. It has already reached its goal several times over with 15 days still to go in the campaign, so it is on track to be released in November 2021.

For both games we will need to just wait and see how they pan out. For the videogame it’s worth pointing out some similarities between it and Hades as both are roguelikes and both went through Early Access initially on the Epic Games Store.

Hades, thankfully, then released on Steam while still in early access, and then its 1.0 landed on the Nintendo Switch too. Hopefully Darkest Dungeon 2 experiences a similar trajectory so as many people can play as possible.

The teaser trailer for this is embedded below and features the stylised 3D of familiar heroes from the first game.

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