PSA: You may have Epic coupons expiring on 1st November

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Aside from free games every single week another way Epic convinces players to use their store is with $10 coupons which are handed out rather often. As a bit of a public service announcement it’s worth noting that some of these coupons will be expiring on 1st November 2020 at 09:59 AM.

For example, in our account, we have two such coupons which will both be going away come the beginning of next month. One is from the Mega Sale from June, and the other was a reward for adding Rocket League to your Epic account when it became free to play.

These are just the two we have and you may have others in your account. To check log into your account on the Epic Games Store, click on your username in the top right corner, and then click on “Coupons”

Aside from expiring these coupons also have one other limitation in the form of a minimum game price for the discount to be applied. For these $10 coupons the game you’re buying needs to cost $14.99 or more. As the Epic Games Store still doesn’t have a basket or cart function this also means you can’t buy multiple cheaper games all at once. Instead a single game you buy will need to cost $14.99 or more.

While the store still doesn’t support many local currencies the minimum game value and the discount itself does change depending on your region. Here’s a handy breakdown:

Currency Minimum purchase to get an Epic Coupon Coupon Discount Value
USD 14.99 10
EUR 14.99 10
BRL 59.99 40
PLN 59.99 40
UAH 399.00 300
GBP 13.99 10
RUB 899.00 650
JPY 1 480 1 000
TRY 79.99 60
KRW 15 000 11 000
CAD 20.99 14
AUD 22.99 15
SEK 140 95
NOK 100 65
DKK 140 95

For most countries and territories without a supported local currency the store will default to USD, although there may be regional pricing so your dollar amount is different to those actually in the US. This is how the store works here in South Africa and in many other places.

Thankfully coupons can be combined with games which are discounted. That’s handy as the Epic Games Store is currently running a Halloween sale which has titles discounted by up to 75 percent.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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