Some Sony Bravia TVs will now feature “Ready for PlayStation 5” branding, here’s what that means

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Remember the heady days of “HD Ready” TVs and monitors?

It was a confusing time that had many (ourselves included) purchasing a TV thinking we’d have crisp 720p images only to find that this wasn’t the case.

Things are better nowadays with both the UHD Alliance and VESA providing standards for 4K and HDR displays respectively so that buyers can be assured of certain features.

But a new sticker has entered the ring and this time its from Sony.

With the brand’s Bravia TVs back in SA you might start to see a “Ready for PlayStation 5” sticker on some models. Given that the forthcoming generation of consoles may have some folks upgrading their TV, this seems like a good marketing exercise, but what does “Ready for PlayStation 5” mean?

A quick look at the website shouting about this “feature” reveals that “Ready for PlayStation 5” means 4K resolution at 120FPS though this comes with a few caveats.

For now there are only two Bravia TVs which support “Ready for PlayStation 5”, the Z8H and the X90H, of which only one is available locally, the X90H.

Heading over to the specifications of the X90H we spot something odd.

According to Sony this TV is only capable of hitting 4K at 60FPS so what about the 120FPS the “Ready for PlayStation 5” branding promises?

Sony says that this feature – which it has dubbed 4K120 – will become available “via a future firmware update”. We contacted Sony’s local PR team to find out when that update will be delivered but we have not had a response as of time of writing.

We should point out at this stage then that the “Ready for PlayStation 5” branding is just that, branding.

A quick look around the interwebs revealed this 4K LG OLED features a 120Hz refresh rate, as does this other OLED, also from LG, which supports G-Sync.

With that having been said, Sony’s Bravia TVs are among the best but we urge you to shop around before making a purchase.

Most importantly however, check what each of the stickers on a box actually means by giving it a quick search online. It’s easy to place a “UHD Ready” sticker on a box and it not mean anything.

Arm yourself with the knowledge of what official certification looks like and how to spot it or fakes out in the wild.

For your convenience you can read more about UHD certification and HDR certification at the respective links.

Sony’s Bravia X90H 65inch is available through Incredible Connection for R29 999.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the header image for this story came from Sony and it was so hilarious we had to use it. We’ve never seen a person with coifed hair in an expensive suit so excited to die in Nioh 2 but thanks to Sony, now we all have.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz writes news, reviews, and opinion pieces for Hypertext. His interests include SMEs, innovation on the African continent, cybersecurity, blockchain, games, geek culture and YouTube.