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Sony gives us an 11-minute look at the PlayStation 5 UI

As we get closer to the local launch, or rather delivery of pre-ordered consoles, Sony has been drip feeding fans more information about the PlayStation 5.

Last week it has hardware-related with a teardown of the optical drive version of the PS5, and now we get a look at the UI that the console will be sporting once booted up.

We got a glimpse of this a couple of months ago when details on the PS5 were thin on the ground, but the latest video uploaded to the PlayStation YouTube account serves up a generous 11 minutes worth of footage.

It’s not enough to convince those sitting on the fence to part with R12k in order to buy the console, but will likely give those who have pre-ordered a better idea of that the user interface will be once their freshly minted PlayStation 5 gets delivered.

We’ll let you enjoy the video pasted below, but will mention a few of the noteworthy elements that we have spotted.

To that end, the first is the layout of the main dashboard, which has been refined slightly, but kept much the same. Content still flows from left to right, with a background of gameplay from a recent title (Sackboy in this case) behind it. Different applications and menu options are placed at the top of the screen, and drop to the lower portion once you’re in-game.

Players will also see their most recent content, whether that be screenshots taken or a game that has been played appearing above the menu options. There is a percentage showing how much progress a player has made in-game that will feature too.

Sticking with the progress element, depending on the title, you’ll be able to jump to specific sections of the game from the start up menu instead of having to launch the title fully to do so. That said, this seems limited to PlayStation-exclusive games, as is the case with Sackboy.

The voice chat has also been detailed to a greater extent, and while the video does not touch on the divisive function to record chats and share them with moderators, there is speech-to-text support for a handful of languages thanks to the microphone found in the DualSense controller.

Lastly, there is the Explore tab, which will be supported by the PlayStation app for mobile too. This tab will curate content from PlayStation itself, as well as from the games you be playing or following.

How this will be more enhanced version of the What’s New tab, though, is unclear, but Sony has stated that this feature will be exclusive to the US at launch, so we’ll have to wait our turn to dig into it.

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