Thinking about attending Unisa? Go to this open day first

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Open days – where prospective students and even their parents can visit and learn about a school – just aren’t possible as they used to be during the pandemic. To get around this the University of South Africa (Unisa) has decided to move things online.

The institution has created a new site that you can visit here. The site claims that this will be the first virtual open day for Unisa.

That being said not just one open day has been announced, but two. The days, their dates, and links to register can be found below:

Both open days start from 10 AM local time and, if you follow those registration links you will see that they are taking place on the very popular Zoom platform.

To register you will need to provide Your full name, email address, and an indication of whether you are an existing student or a prospective one. There’s no option for parents or other guardians available, but that’s to be expected for a university in some cases.

People who fall into those categories and would like to attend on behalf of a student should a leave a comment in the provided section indicating as such.

Unisa is infamous for a lack of communication when it comes to new and returning students. We’ve experienced and heard of countless stories where emails go unanswered for months (or even years) and phones which are never picked up. This open day, then, provides an opportunity to talk directly to Unisa staff about studying at the school.

Again, in the past, many Unisa students and those who wanted to speak to the institution would simply visit one of the university’s many campuses. Under level 1 lockdown in South Africa this is possible in a limited capacity, but it’s always good to stay as safe as possible and interact online instead.

Applications to study at Unisa in 2021 are still open and will close in November and December depending on what qualifications are taken. This means that prospective students can attend one or both announced open days and still apply.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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