Chinese handheld PC maker GPD is slowly revealing details about its Win 3 – a gaming machine with a unique form factor and a full Windows operating system.

As revealed last week the Win 3 has a 5.5 inch 720p screen that can be slid up, revealing a keyboard underneath. This design basically mimics the Sony Vaio UX from years ago.

This form factor means that you always have access to the face buttons and joysticks, but you can hide the keyboard away when it isn’t needed.

We now have an idea of the physical size of this machine, with GPD itself comparing it to the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Looking at the image below it’s worth noting that the Switch Lite, according to Nintendo’s own product page, is about 10.16 X 23.87 X 1.39 centimetres (height X length X width). While the Win 3 is comparable in height and length, we know from leaks that it will be substantially wider.

We’d also like to see the size of the Win 3 when it’s opened up.

Speaking of leaks you may have seen the image above already if you sought them out, but now GPD has revealed the image officially on Twitter so we can discuss it.

Also revealed on Twitter is footage of the Win 3 running a few games. You can see The Witcher 3 here and Red Dead Redemption 2 in the embed at the bottom of this story.

The Witcher 3 runs surprisingly well in the fifties to 60 FPS range. The newer Red Dead Redemption 2 fairs a bit worse at 43 – 50 FPS.

These numbers are relatively impressive when you consider the hardware onboard. Again through leaks we know that the Win 3 houses an Intel Tiger Lake CPU (Core i7-1165G7), Intel Iris Xe (96 eu) GPU and 16GB of RAM.

That being said both games could have been tuned down immensely to get that performance, so take these videos with a grain of salt.

GPD’s latest handheld is supposedly going to be going the crowdfunding route like the company’s other devices. Rumour has it that the campaign will kick off in January 2021. There’s also the chance that the specs we discussed above will be changed by then.