Qualcomm gets green light to sell 4G chips to Huawei despite trade ban

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At the time of writing, Huawei remains on the entity list, which has seen the Chinese company being barred from trading with any US companies, the most high-profile and far-reaching of which is Google. It is why news that Qualcomm is selling 4G chips to Huawei, with the United States government’s blessing no less, all the more interesting.

This as we have regularly pondered what would happen to Huawei’s entity list status should Donald Trump not get elected for a second term.

Before we go jumping the gun, however, it still remains to be seen what happens to Huawei’s entity list status, but according to Qualcomm, it has received special permission to do so.

“We received a license for a number of products, which includes some 4G products,” a spokesperson for the silicon maker confirmed to Reuters.

Precisely which chips are being sold, is unknown, but given that they support 4G only, they can safely be assumed to be some of Qualcomm’s lesser-specced or older chipsets.

Ordinarily this news would not mean much, but the greater implications it could result in, are the truly interesting aspect. Especially in terms of what it could mean for Huawei should other US companies be allowed to trade with the Chinese firm.

Should Google for example be allowed to, it would mean that some of Huawei’s newer devices sporting HMS could have access to the full Android ecosystem and Google apps.

If that happens, many of the hurdles that have hampered the company in recent months would disappear, and potentially open up the opportunity for Huawei to begin operating unhindered once agin.

As you can tell, there are quite a few moving parts to all this, and we’ll have to wait until President Elect Joe Biden comes into power next year, before we can start positing more outcomes.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Editor of Hypertext. Covers smartphones, IoT, 5G, cloud computing and a few things in between. Also a keen photographer and dabbles in console games when not taking the hatchet to stories.