Seagate’s Xbox Storage Expansion Card is R4499 in South Africa

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For owners of the new Xbox Series X and Series S the official Storage Expansion Card from Seagate is finally available in the country, albeit for an extremely steep R4 499.

As a quick reminder of what this product is the Storage Expansion Card from Seagate is only a paltry one terabyte making the pricing exorbitant compared to other storage, even fast SSDs. The difference here is that the device is fully compatible with Xbox’s Velocity Architecture on the new consoles, meaning that the extra storage can make use of the new features therein such as Quick Resume.

Here you’re paying a massive premium for this extra functionality as well as the plug and play aspect of the Storage Expansion Card, which fits into a dedicated slot on the Series X|S instead of working through a USB or needing to be installed like a regular SSD.

So how much of a premium are we paying for the device in South Africa? Using Seagate’s own official RRP we can see that it’s priced at £219.99 overseas. At the time of writing this converts to around R4 472, so the R4 499 is just about on par.

Right now only Takealot has the Storage Expansion Card in stock. Hey, at least for the amount you’re paying you do get free delivery.

Extra storage is almost a necessity for the new generation of consoles. The Series X ships with a one terabyte drive, and the Series S with 512GB. While that may sound decent, after you’ve factored in the space for the OS those numbers fall down to 802GB and 364GB respectively.

Game download sizes are only getting bigger every day and, while the Series S at least can download smaller versions of the same games, you’ll still be running out of storage fast.

The only saving grace for Series X|S owners is that you can pick up a regular USB external hard drive and plug it into the new console to add some storage as with previous consoles and PC. You will, of course, face speed limitations and lose access to the Velocity Architecture, but you will save a fair bit of money.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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