Some of Unisa’s most popular education qualifications are oversubscribed

All eyes in are on the 2020 Matric exams which begin tomorrow, 5th November, but in the world of higher education, the University of South Africa (Unisa) has announced that several of its most popular qualifications are already oversubscribed.

A qualification being oversubscribed means that more applications have been received than there are actual spaces available for students.

“What does this mean to you as an applicant? It means that although you have applied, you may not be offered a space. Spaces are offered to students after the ranking process (where academic point score (APS) and socio-economic factors are calculated) and only the top ranked students will receive offers. If you receive an offer, you need to accept it as quickly as possible, as unaccepted offers will be withdrawn within 10 days and the space will then be offered to the next student on the ranking list,” Unisa writes.

So what are these qualifications which are so sought after? They are the Bachelor of Education (BEd) qualifications, as well as the Higher Certificate in Education (HC Edu). The HC Edu is a kind of stepping stone for those who wish to become educators, but did not meet the admission requirements for BEd.

The BEd qualifications offered by Unisa can be found here.

While it will be disappointing for potential students to learn that they may not have a space at Africa’s largest university, it is encouraging to know that so many students are interested in becoming teachers, a profession that is needed the world over, especially on this continent.

For those who do qualify for BEd but do not acquire an allocation to study it, Unisa offers some alternatives:

“The BEd is, however, not the only route to become a teacher. Should your intention be to teach in the Senior and FET Phase, you can also follow an alternative pathway into teaching. You can apply for an alternative Bachelor’s program (i.e. BA, BCOM, BSc), should you meet the admission requirements and be admitted, you can then continue into the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). This route will mean that you will be able to become a teacher in the same minimum four years as the BEd students,” the university writes.

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