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Stats SA opens portal for contract employment

Governmental body Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) has opened up its contractual employment database for applicants to leave their details in the hope of being matched up with work in the near future.

“The database will be used to find candidates for contract-based opportunities,” Stats SA writes.

This database can be found here on the Stats SA website. 

For those wanting to be included select the “click here!” option next to “register or update your profile”. From there you will need the following documents to register on the portal:

  • “Z83 Application Form, download (PDF 34KB)
  • Detailed CV with contact details of three recent referees
  • Certified copies of qualifications, driver’s licence and Identity Document”

For those interested we highly recommend giving this PDF a read. It goes over what kind of work these contracts entail, extra requirements for candidates and more, but we will go over some of that here.

As for the nature of the work here, it is varied but always links back to collecting and processing of data which Stats SA can use to create information relevant to the public.

For example fieldwork / data collection work may require that employees collection data from households, while someone in data processing will then begin working with this collected data to began turning it into information.

Aside from the documents mentioned above some factors are necessary for applicants, such as a Matric qualification, South African residency and no criminal record.

Apart from this being contract work it looks like it will not be the regular nine to five. Apparently applicants must “be willing to work over weekends and outside of normal office hours,” reads part of the linked PDF.

The closing date to apply to the Stats SA contract database is 15th December.

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