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The Porsche Design AOC AGON 27 drops in South Africa this December

While monitor and screen technology has steadily improved over the last few years, the design element of these displays certainly hasn’t.

If you want to buy a new monitor right now your choices are pretty much limited to a vast array of boring black rectangles with only a handful of truly premium offerings that can match your top of the line setup, both in terms of performance and looks.

Thankfully the Porsche Design AOC AGON 27 is here to fix that. As you may have gleaned from the name this new monitor combines the aesthetic expertise from Porsche Design with the technical wizardry of display juggernaut AOC.

Let’s start with the looks here because there’s something special in the inspiration. The silver colouring of the device and the skeletal monitor stand were based off of protective roll cages found in Porsche’s racing cars and track day-ready road cars. The entire design aesthetic here is based on this motorsport mindset.

Other design flairs here include lighting and, maybe our favourite little flourish, a logo projector which shines the familiar Porsche Design p/d logo onto your desk.

With all these unique and beautiful choices going into the looks here you may think that actual performance was left by the wayside. You’d be wrong.

The star of the show here is, of course, that 27 inch panel. It’s an LCD with a QHD resolution of 2560×1440. These higher resolutions tend to stick to lower refresh rates like the standard 60Hz, but you will (amazingly) find four times that in the Porsche Design AOC AGON 27. That’s right this monitor has a refresh rate of 240Hz making it suitable for even the snobbiest pro player, and that market is catered for again with a response time of just 0.5 milliseconds.

This isn’t just for esports, as there’s a major focus on eye candy too. The screen has a 1000R curve which really bumps up the immersion level.

Our favourite use of these curved monitors is racing games which really helps when you go into first person view where the high resolution, refresh rate and curvature all meet to really sell the experience. If you can’t drive a real Porsche we highly recommend a digital one on a display like this.

While those specs are some of the most important when considering a new screen there’s even more on offer here if you look a bit closer. There’s a wireless gaming keypad included to quickly switch your settings, a pair of 5W DTS speakers for audio, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and more. Almost everything you could think of wanting in a monitor – and some features you didn’t know you wanted – are available here.

While super premium products like this sometimes never get released in South Africa, that won’t be the case again as you can get your own Porsche Design AOC AGON 27 this December. Contact AOC to pre-order your monitor at Chris.barnes@mmd-p.com.

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