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Want to be a winner on Black Friday? Choose a good courier service

The day is nearly upon us, that day being Black Friday.

While retailers are gearing up to offer sales online due to fears regarding the spread of COVID-19, couriers are eyeing the shopping day with glee.

In May, Nielsen found that 65 percent of South Africans are visiting supermarkets less than before the pandemic hit. Even existing online shoppers have increased their reliance on ecommerce with 29 percent of existing online shoppers increasing how much the shop online.

As you might expect, couriers are waiting in the wings to facilitate deliveries but picking a good courier for your business is not just a matter of scrolling through search results for “couriers”.

A bad experience with a courier can taint the entire shopping experience for a customer, even if the business has no influence on the courier’s operations.

It’s for this reason that choosing a reliable courier is vital for businesses, particularly SMEs.

“The courier performs the last mile of the customer journey. A late delivery could ruin the entire experience regardless of the quality of service until that point,” explains sales manager for The Courier Guy, Chamaine Pelser.

The Courier Guy is a partner of Rush, an Ocean on 76 Group partner and Pelser says the firm has gone to great lengths to prepare for what will surely be an influx of work for its couriers.

“We take historical information from previous years and ensure that we have delivery capacity to handle a 20 to 30 percent growth over the Black Friday period,” explains Pelser.

Rush’s platform does give businesses choice as regards delivery but we recommend checking out these insights from the Insaka eCommerce Academy if you are an SME looking for advice on courier services.

We wholly agree that a bad delivery experience can up-end a customer’s opinion of a store so while couriers are vital, it is absolutely essential businesses work closely with couriers to insure that customer expectations are met.

This is true all year round though particularly so on Black Friday where orders are happening very close to the festive season.

Perhaps retailers need to have a chat with Checkers. To this day the Checkers Sixty60 app is – to our mind – the best example of what ecommerce should look like.

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