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You can now stream DStv without a decoder

DStv, once synonymous with a set-top box or some kind of decoder connected to your TV, can now finally be used without any extra hardware and can be streamed directly to your phone or tablet.

DStv streaming allows you to subscribe to the service and access channels you pay for without the need for a decoder or a satellite connection. As long as you have an active subscription and a decent internet connection you’re good to go.

This service supports up to four devices on one account and two concurrent streams. The DStv Catch Up functionality remains intact even when streaming.

The following packages are available for streaming:

  • DStv Premium
  • DStv Compact Plus
  • DStv Compact
  • DStv Family
  • DStv Access
  • DStv EasyView

Now let’s talk price because things are rather expensive here. Looking at the top of the range DStv Premium (159 channels), for example, and you’ll be paying R819 per month for access to streaming only. It should be noted that this is a month to month setup.

How does this compare to the other tiers? Focusing on what DStv calls its “Best Deals” – for R749 you get access to streaming as well as the decoder side of things, but you will need to acquire your own decoder for that as it’s not included. This cheaper option also has the downside of locking you into a 24 month contract.

For R989 you get the same 24 month decoder and streaming contract, but now it includes an Explora decoder and installation.

All the packages mentioned above have these multiple tiers where you can juggle access to streaming, access to a decoder, the decoder itself and installation. Some Black Friday deals are also still live on the DStv site for those inclined.

What’s common across the packages and the tiers in them is that the streaming-only option is still very expensive and in some cases pricier than the traditional tiers which have been on offer in the past.

So, while this big name in South African entertainment has embraced streaming, it hasn’t become significantly cheaper as many were hoping.

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