5 Matric students chosen for scientific outing to Antarctica

Five Matric students of the disastrous 2020 school year have been rewarded for their perseverance and performance by joining scientists on a trip to Antarctica.

This has been enabled by the programme simply called Matrics in Antarctica helmed by explorer Riaan Manser. Matrics in Antarctica is partnered with the Department of Basic Education (DBE), National Geographic, Stellenbosch University and many more.

The five winners were chosen from the entire country. Entrants were asked to submit a 100 word essay based on the following topic: “What will exploration of the Antarctic continent do to help us preserve a greener, more sustainable existence on our planet?”.

These entrants were narrowed down to a top 100, down to 50, further down to 10 and now finally the winning five.

In alphabetical order the five winners and their respective provinces are as follows:

So what happens next for the winners? The five will head to Cape Town for a COVID-19 isolation period. After that, on 27th January, the winners and the scientific team will head to the Antarctic Logistics Centre International (ALCI) for a five day expedition.

“This is a chance that most students in Matric could only have dreamed of. Now these determined and smart 5 students will be rewarded for getting through a tough selection process. They will begin 2021 by setting foot on the most incredible of continents – Antarctica,” says Manser.

While contests with travel prizes usually describe the winnings in grandiose terms we really think it’s applicable here.

You can watch the announcement stream event of the winners below. Deputy Minister for the Department of Basic Education, Doctor Reginah Mhaule, made the announcement and you can hear from the five students too.

[Image – Pixabay]

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