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Fortnite’s Hearts Wild is a paper craft collection you can wear

To celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021 happening later this week, Fortnite is celebrating in a rather unique way by offering up a collection of paper craft masks and toys you can make at home called Hearts Wild.

Paper craft is a type of art usually involves printing some plans onto paper or cardboard and then folding it to create a three dimensions item. It works great over the internet as it allows you to easily share templates without the need for any hardware or software you don’t already have. While paper printers are becoming less popular they’re still ubiquitous.

Hearts Wild offers six different paper crafts to make: three masks you can wear and three small characters for your desk or shelf called “Mini Foldables”. All of these are based on skins and characters in the game.

You can find the Hearts Wild landing page right here which contains download links for the six items which are PDFs. We’ve listed them below along with their difficulty, approximate time to complete and a link to the PDF files.

  • Wild Card Mask – Easy – 1.5 hours [PDF]
  • Lovethorn Mask – Hard – 3 hours [PDF]
  • Heartbreaker Mask – Very Hard – 5 hours [PDF]
  • Cuddle Team Leader Mini Foldable – Very Easy – 40-60 minutes [PDF]
  • Cuddle King Mini Foldable – Very Easy – 40-60 minutes [PDF]
  • Love Ranger Mini Foldable – Very Easy – 40-60 minutes [PDF]

Looking through some of the PDFs and it looks like you will need quite a bit aside from some paper and scissors, especially if you want to make the masks. Glue or tape, a ruler and elastic bands or string. You’ll also need quite a lot of paper or card stock to make these with the Heartbreaker mask requiring 26 sheets of A4 or US letter sized paper / card.

This is far from the first time that a game has used this kind of DIY folding arrangement as a product or promotional item. The recent game Paper Mario: The Origami King used origami sheets as a pre-order incentive and the entire Nintendo Labo concept is based on folding cardboard. Unlike those other two, however, you don’t need to part with any money to use the Hearts Wild content.

Wild Card Mask

Lovethorn Mask

Heartbreaker Mask

Cuddle Team Leader Mini Foldable

Cuddle King Mini Foldable

Love Ranger Mini Foldable

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