Clubhouse announces a number of creator focused tools for its app

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Now that it is garnering more attention thanks to the likes of Elon Musk and friends, Clubhouse is looking at ways to improve its invite-only audio chat platform.

The company’s CEO, Paul Davison, confirmed as much over the weekend during a town hall, noting that the platform is making some security and creator focused changes in the coming weeks and months.

On the security side, Clubhouse will no longer require access to a user’s phone contacts in order to invite them to use the platform. Davison adds that previously accessed contacts would automatically be deleted, along with a deletion tool that users can implement themselves also in development, according to the CEO.

It appears to be an important move that should hopefully tempt those who had hesitated from joining Clubhouse over privacy concerns.

On the creator portion of announcements, it looks like things are accelerating on that front. To that end a new portal called Creator First is now available, but access is extremely limited at the moment as Clubhouse aims to identify and help cultivate only 20 creators on its platform, assisting with the establishment of an audience and growing it rapidly from there.

Should you believe that you have the potential audience and reach that Clubhouse is looking for, you can apply here. You need to already be a part of the the platform and applications close on 31st March.

Other quality of life changes include the ability to support link sharing in both user profiles and chats, along with ability to set a language filter to only showcase content in the language you prefer.

Whether these improvements and the addition of Creator First will help Clubhouse maintain its momentum from earlier in the year, remains to be seen, but we would not be surprised to see a few more tweets from Musk over the next month to bring more attention to the platform.

[Image – Photo by Erin Kwon on Unsplash]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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