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Pokémon art director draws Kirby as Wario

James Turner, the well known Western artist who made history by joining Game Freak and acting as the art director for Pokémon Sword and Shield, has created something special for the internet: Kirby as Wario. Or vice versa depending on your point of view.

Turner shared the below image on Twitter a few hours ago and has been adding onto the mythos since then. His creation was originally called Wirby.

Since unveiling Wirby to the world Turner has followed it up with some static art (see the header image above) as well as a more action-orientated shot of the creation attacking:

As for the appearance here the Kirby monstrosity obviously has the purple colour and moustache of Wario, but the star has some explanation.

“The yellow pattern on the top of his head is said to have appeared because Wakirby is always thinking about gold and money????,” Turner writes.

You may have noticed that, in the two embeds above, the names “Wirby” and “Wakirby” have both been used. You can vote in a poll to determine what the fictional name of this crossover character is right here. At the time of writing Wirby is winning with 65 percent of the votes. 2 222 people have voted on it so far.

Before anyone starts breaking out the theories about a new Kirby / Wario game because of Turner’s work, it should be noted that the artist routinely creates works based on other properties just like any other fan artists. Here’s some creations of his based on Pikmin, Apple, Gozilla and Daft Punk to name a few.

One of our favourites is another crossover: Thomas the TIE Fighter seen below.

Of course Turner also creates these fun pieces involving Pokémon with recent ones involving the 25th anniversary and Buzzwole. A note here on Buzzwole as it’s one of the Pokémon that the artist created.

[Images – James Turner]