Among Us erroneously had Steam integration on the Microsoft Store

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On the last day of March the popular social deduction game Among Us received a new map called Airship along with a large update which also added player accounts into the mix. One unintended part of the update was the addition of Steam content into the Microsoft Store version of the game.

The developers of the game, InnerSloth, have released a Google Doc called “Fixes and Progress update” which you can read here. Of particular interest is the first item on the list:

“The Microsoft Store version of the game currently (erroneously) contains Steam integration. As a result, players who don’t own the game on Steam will be booted out and sent to the Steam store when they try launching the game. A fix has been made and is now submitted,” the doc reads.

The update doc was last updated at 01:20 in the morning, and the Steam / Microsoft Store crossover has been officially fixed.

Other errors which have already been fixed include invisible / broken items on iOS and VSync issues in the lobby. While InnerSloth is currently working hard on this, as evidenced by the doc being updated past midnight, some problems have persisted such as the new account system not working on Android and an infinite loading screen.

Outside of these problems the Airship update has been received well by the community with places like Twitch and YouTube already filled with countless hours of content around the new stuff in the game.

Airship is the fourth and biggest map in the game offering new tasks, new areas, better mobility, new cosmetic items, the ability to pick a starting location and more.

For those who finally want to get into the game it is discounted by 20 percent right now on the aforementioned Microsoft Store, Nintendo eShop and Steam. Even before the discount Among Us is about as expensive as a coffee, and the game is free on Android and iOS albeit with in-game ads. It’s also included with Xbox Game Pass.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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