Blue Nintendo Switch Lite arrives in South Africa ahead of overseas

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Last week it was announced that the Nintendo Switch Lite console would be made available in a new colour: blue. It was revealed to launch in the US on 21st May and at the time we didn’t know if it would be available locally or when it would arrive.

That changes today as the official distributor for Nintendo in South Africa – Core – has opened up pre-orders for the new console with an “anticipated launch date” of 7th May.

The pre-order page is now live here where you can buy the console ahead of time if you’re so inclined. Like the other Nintendo Switch Lite consoles this new blue variant costs R4 999.

As a reminder South Africans pay dearly for Nintendo hardware. Again looking at the US the RRP of the Nintendo Switch Lite is only $199.99. Right now that converts to around R2 849.52. We covered this massive price difference, and its increase from the console’s launch, last year. A weakened Rand amidst the pandemic was blamed for the price increase but those prices have not come down as the situation has improved.

Pricing aside this blue colour joins coral, turquoise, grey and yellow as the fifth option available. Many people have been receptive to the blue colourway as it strays from the lighter, almost pastel offerings from the other four colours.

We have to agree with those people as this is definitely the colour we’d go for if we wanted one of these cut down consoles.

If this new option has you interested in the Lite make sure to check out our review of it back when it launched in 2019. If you’re entirely new to the Nintendo Switch ecosystem we recommend giving our review and other documentation a thorough read as the Lite has several drawbacks compared to the regular Switch in exchange for its smaller size and lower price. Well, lower price in comparison – the regular Nintendo Switch costs R7 999.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of


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