HMD Global adds more peripherals to the mix with the Nokia Lite Earbuds

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When it comes to Nokia Mobile accessories and peripherals, HMD Global has been a little lax. This as the only a handful of bluetooth earphones and speakers have been made available by the company in selected regions. Hopefully that is going to change with its latest offering – the Nokia Lite Earbuds.

The new wireless earphones were unveiled alongside six new affordable smartphones earlier this afternoon from HMD Global. Maybe there’s the chance to bundle them together with either the G or X Series of devices?

For now, all we have to work with are the features and specifications as outlined by HMD.

To that end the Nokia Lite Earbuds feature touch functionality for wearers to control music, calls and interact with digital assistants. We’re assuming Google Assistant is the de facto option here given HMD’s close work with Google on Nokia Mobile products over the years. One of the big selling points is battery life, which when paired with its carrying case that holds up to six full charges can keep the Nokia Lite Earbuds going for up to 36 hours, according to HMD.

As such, getting a a full day and a half’s use out of these wireless earphones will likely entice quite a few consumers.

Unfortunately, as with many of the devices showcased today by HMD Global, it remains to be seen if the Lite Earbuds will land on our shores, especially as we’ve already mentioned how bereft we are of Nokia Mobile-branded accessories and peripherals in this part of the world.

If that changes, doing so with a pair of wireless earphones that can go for up to 36 hours is a solid place to start.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

When he's not reviewing the latest smartphones, Robin-Leigh is writing about everything tech-related from IoT and smart cities, to 5G and cloud computing. He's also a keen photographer and dabbles in console games.