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LEGO Adam West Batmobile comes to South Africa for R650

Fans of the classic 60s Batman TV shows starring Adam West will be happy to know that they will soon be able to buy a LEGO recreation of the famous Batmobile from the series in South Africa.

The set has a rather long name: “Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile” and goes by set number 76188.

In the box you’re getting 345 pieces and, overseas, this will cost £34.99 / $29.99 / €29.99. When looking at prices for LEGO the UK RRP is usually the best for comparison, especially because it includes tax whereas the US price sometimes doesn’t.

At the time of writing £34.99 equates to R688.82, which means that localised pricing is favourable.

Hard numbers aside what do those pieces build for your money? The Batmobile here is a rather excellent representation of the vehicle and comes with some play features so it’s not just a static model: there’s stud shooters on the front hood, an opening boot and a small rotating display stand to show it off on a shelf.

While intended to be a play thing LEGO realises that this set appeals to the older fans and, because of this, there are pieces included in the box to remove the stud shooters and leave the model more accurate to the screen.

That rotating stand also comes with a placard (which is just a sticker over a LEGO element) which gives some fictional details about the car. We love that, under the “fuel” section, it simply states “Batfuel”.

This placard also reports that the Batmobile can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in 5.2 seconds. That’s not too shabby for the 60s.

The Batmobile is the real star of the show here, obviously, but there’s also LEGO minifigures representing West’s Batman and the Joker played by Cesar Romero. These are highly detailed and you can even see the faint upper lip hairs on the Joker, a reference to the fact that Romero had a moustache when filming his scenes which was covered with makeup instead of simply shaving.

The real problem here is a lack of a Robin minifigure. LEGO has created a two seater car for the dynamic duo but only Batman will be able to hop in unless you want the odd display piece of Batman and Joker carpooling.

76188: Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile will be available in South Africa from 26th April. Online stores such as Kiddiwinks and Great Yellow Brick have listings available already with the former even selling it slightly cheaper at R639. Great Yellow Brick is the online platform for the official LEGO stores in South Africa which represents prices closer to the local RRP.

Finally it’s worth noting here that a version of the 60s Batmobile has been offered in LEGO in the past. 76052: Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave released in 2016 and offered the Batmobile, as well as an entire Batcave to house it in. The problem with this set is that it is very expensive and now difficult to come by.

By offering a similar version of the vehicle in a standalone, cheaper set means more people can get it.

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