LEGO Luigi revealed by an Amazon listing

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Back in March 2020 LEGO revealed an entire new theme based on Super Mario. Now in April 2021 Amazon China has mistakenly revealed that the line of toys will also feature the patron saint of little brothers – Luigi.

The Amazon listing is still up at the time of writing and shows a Starter Course meant to be released on 9th July.  A Starter Course was also made for the Mario version and features a small customisable field and the electronics needed to make things work.

As a quick reminder the Super Mario (and now Luigi) LEGO premise here is that the main character is a small electronic toy with a sensor on the bottom. When Mario / Luigi “jump” on top of an enemy the sensor reads a sticker that has some effect on the game being played.

Jump on an enemy enough times, for example, and it will be “defeated” and grant a coin. Plop Mario or Luigi into lava or a similar obstacle and you’ll lose health and so on. Most of the scenery and enemies from the games have been translated into LEGO, and you can see more about how the original works in this video.

That video was hosted by Jonathan Bennink, the Design Manager in Creative Play Lab at the LEGO Group. He was the lead designer for the Super Mario LEGO theme and when we interviewed him we actually asked about Luigi appearing as LEGO. Back then he told us the following:

“Right now, we are focused on LEGO Mario and I can’t disclose anything on potential future products.”

Back to the leaked set and the Amazon page lists that it will have 280 pieces. This is slightly more than the 231 pieces that came with the similar Starter Course for Mario so we can expect it to cost more when it’s released.

As mentioned the Amazon listing is still available to view at the time of writing but we’ve got all the images from the page available to view below should it be taken down.

[Source – Brickset via Promobricks]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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