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Pixels electronic dice Kickstarter ends with $3.5 million

Last month Pixels arrived on Kickstarter offering backers special electronic dice that feature wireless charging, Bluetooth, app integration, RGB LEDs and more. Now the crowdfunding campaign has ended with a rather large sum going towards the project.

$3 502 960 (~R51 million) was pledged by 24 912 backers to bring Pixels to market. Its original funding goal was just $200 000, so this was achieved many times over.

The $3.5 million mark was the last stretch goal available for the campaign and, according to a backer update, it was achieved with eight minutes to spare.

This stretch goal introduced coloured carrying cases for Pixels dice collections. A range of colours were available for these to be produced in with the following colours winning the most votes:

  • #1 – 4795 Votes – Gunmetal Grey
  • #2 – 3593 Votes – Royal Blue
  • #3 – 3590 Votes – Cherry Red

As a reminder for those who didn’t get in in time to back this project, Pixels dice started at $39 for a single die with prices getting better as larger orders were placed at higher backer tiers. A massive host of dice were available ranging from the common D20 and D6 to more obscure options like Fate / Fudge.

This is, of course, a luxury item but they can obviously do a lot more than your regular plastic or resin dice. While lighting may not have a functional benefit to your games – except for the cool factor of course – integration into software such as Roll20, Foundry and D&D Beyond make them more compelling on a useful level.

With the campaign now over it’s up to the Pixels team to get the dice and their cases out the door and delivered for the scheduled March 2022 release.

We really hope this is the kind of project that turns into a regular retail product at your local game store like many other boardgames and accessories.

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