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Real versions of the Doom Eternal in-game toys are coming

Something to keep players occupied in Doom Eternal are collectibles and pickups that serve no other purpose than putting them on a shelf in Doomguy’s mancave. We are, of course, talking about the figurines that exist throughout the game that can be collected into a pleasing diorama.

Now you can replicate this in real life as Numskull Designs is creating a range of figurines based on the ones in the game.

This wave of toys will only feature 12 figurines which is much less than the more than 30 offered in the game, but that may be for the best as buying all of these will surely put a hurt on the wallet.

These toys will be sold through Just Geek stores in the US, UK and EU where they will cost $35, £35 and €36.45 respectively. At the time of writing that converts to around R501, R699 and R632 respectively. Already an expensive buy, these will be even worse for those of us outside of the main regions that want to import them.

So what are you getting for the money? These figurines are made out of the ever popular vinyl and feature articulation so you can do the little arm movement as seen in the game:

That short trailer also shows off the size differences between a few of the figures. As you can see by a picture of the entire collection in the header image above this creates a nice sense of differing size accurate to the ones in the game.

The Numskull Designs Doom Eternal collectibles are up for pre-order here and they have an “expected release” in July.

At this point, if all of this feels familiar, it’s because this idea has been done before. Back in April 2020, almost exactly a year ago, publisher Bethesda itself started selling real toys also based on the Doom Eternal in-game collectibles, notably of the Doom Slayer.

Unfortunately these were limited to just 5 000 copies worldwide and they sold out almost immediately and have been unavailable ever since. The ones sold by Bethesda were also much smaller standing 84 centimetres tall in comparison to Numskull Designs’ 164 centimetre offering. Despite being almost twice as tall the Numbskull Design variant is only $5 more expensive a year later as Bethesda was charging $30.

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