See the Sweet Tooth trailer, produced by Robert Downey Jr.

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DC Comics and Netflix have given us a first look at Sweet Tooth, an upcoming show based on the comic by Jeff Lemire. Interestingly Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. is producing the series along with his wife Susan Downey and others.

“Set in a world where a virus wipes out most of humanity at the same time an unexplained wave of human/animal hybrid children begin emerging, the story largely focuses on one of these hybrids—a deer-boy named Gus—and his relationship with a grizzled former hockey player named Jepperd as they attempt to find a rumored sanctuary for hybrid children,” reads the synopsis of the show.

“The search takes them across a dangerously transformed rural America as they must battle and escape gangs of thieves and mercenaries, along with an insidious group of former soldiers determined to unlock the cure for the virus by killing and studying hybrids like Gus.”

Some rubbery CGI aside what we see here looks very pleasing to the eye and the main character doesn’t look nearly as horrifying as we’d expect from hearing “child / deer hybrid”.

The two main characters here are played by Christian Convery (Gus) and Nonso Anozie (Jepperd ). The last time we saw Anozie was in another piece of streaming contet: the irredeemable Artemis Fowl movie from last year that was released on Disney+. We sincerely hope that Sweet Tooth is better than that, but then again, almost everything is better than Artemis Fowl.

If the trailer doesn’t show enough for you the official DC Comics site also has released nine images from the show you can view here.

Sweet Tooth releases on 4th June on Netflix as an eight episode show.

Interestingly this series will be released ahead of the 2021 edition of DC FanDome on 16th October, so we likely won’t be seeing it there unless it’s in a “hey, go back and watch this” capacity, or an announcement for a second season.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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