Seven new currencies may be coming to Steam

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Steam, arguably the biggest PC games store in the world, may be getting official support for seven new European currencies.

This is according to Steam Database – sometimes also called SteamDB – a third party service that monitors the store to provide unique access and insights into the market.

At the time of writing no official announcement has been made by Valve so these countries can’t make use of their native currencies just yet.

It’s interesting that these European countries are getting support from Valve so late. Much smaller countries have received this support years prior. Even South Africa has enjoyed localised pricing in Rands since November 2015.

We hope to all the Steam users in those seven countries that an official announcement happens soon and you benefit from cheaper games like we have.

It’s also worth noting that Epic Games has beaten Valve to the punch when it comes to currency support for some of these countries. According to the Epic Games Store FAQ currencies from Sweden, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary and Romania were already included. Bulgaria and Croatia, meanwhile, use the Euro on the Epic Games Store.

Reactions to this Steam news so far on places like Reddit have been a mixed bag as users wait to see how things pan out for pricing. Right now no one really knows how favourable, or unfavourable, the result will be. The justifiable fear is that the price of games will increase with this change, but all they can do right now is wait to see what happens.

[Image – ChristophMeinersmann on Pixabay]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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