Steam adds even more ways to browse the store

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If you don’t already have a massive backlog to play through Steam has you covered as it has introduced new ways to browse through the store.

This comes to public fruition after four months in Steam Labs, the platform’s staging site for new features which has produced two noticeable ways to navigate the site: “New & Noteworthy” and “Categories”.

Both of these new options can be found right at the top of the Steam store home page with a small +++ icon next to the labels to indicate that it’s new.

New & Noteworthy is a rather self-explanatory grouping which combines several existing Steam sections into one menu:

  • Top sellers
  • New and trending
  • Current specials
  • Recently updated
  • Popular upcoming

In the announcement it’s also mentioned that “current specials” will be included here but, as there’s no big sale on right now, it doesn’t appear in this menu just yet.

The Categories addition is seemingly the biggest change here with the entire store being broken down into three sections: Genres, Themes, and Player Modes / Special Sections.

As Steam explains it:

Genres “What kind of game is this? What is it like to play?”
Real-Time Strategy, Adventure RPG, Farming Sim, Metroidvania, etc.
Themes “What is the game about?”
Science Fiction, Survival, Mystery, etc.
Player Modes “Who can I play the game with?”
Single player, Multiplayer, MMO, Co-op, etc.

It’s interesting to note here that this categories menu was inspired by Steam curators and their tendency to group games like this naturally. Curation was a big push from Steam a few years ago and, while it may not be as talked about as it was at launch, it’s nice to see the large number of systems within Steam building on each other.

The categories menu

The above is a basic breakdown of the new changes with more minutia shown in the Steam Blog.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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