Unisa extends assignment due dates at start of academic year

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has announced a blanket extension for the submissions of first assignments.

“Due to the extended registration date, the university will allow the submission of all assignments until 12 May 2021 where the due date of such assignments are before 12 May 2021. This does not apply to modules offered by the School of Business Leadership (SBL). The due dates of assignments scheduled later than 12 May are not affected by this extension,” the announcement reads.

The first assignments for Unisa modules are usually very important for the studies of students. Submission of first assignments before the due date are sometimes a requirement even if they do not contribute to the final mark for that module. Failure to submit on time can also sometimes lead to the student automatically failing that module and / or not being granted access to write exams.

Some students found themselves with little time to submit their assignments as registration closed very recently on 31st March. Just yesterday the university released a welcome message to new and returning students to kick off the academic year in earnest.

Being told “welcome to the school” so close to critical due dates for assignments is a little shocking to say the least.

These close dates are on top of many other problems both at Unisa and outside of it. Unisa has been experiencing problems delivering study materials, for example, and the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the country as vaccinations trickle into South Africa.

“Although we have extended the due date for assignment submission, we urge all students who are able, to submit their assignments as soon as possible to reach the university before 12 May 2021,” the announcement ends.

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