Clubhouse on Android now available in South Africa

Earlier this week Clubhouse confirmed that the Android version of its invite-only app would be made available globally by the afternoon of 21st May. South Africa was lumped into the rest of the world segment, with the likes of Brazil, Russia, India and Nigeria getting exclusive releases before us, but now the app is available to install from the local Google Play Store.

The app’s official Twitter page confirmed its global rollout in the early hours of Friday morning, with South Africa getting access from about 10:30 onwards. As such, you won’t have to wait until this afternoon if you’ve been clamouring to see what the all the fuss about this invite-only chat app is all about.

Having installed the app our own Android smartphones, the set up process is similar to that of WhatsApp or WeChat, with users prompted to plug in their contact number. After which a security code is sent to the device you plan to use Clubhouse on. Once you’ve punched that in, you’ll be prompted to enter your first and last name.

This is followed by your preferred username and if all goes well you should receive a notification stating that Clubhouse has reserved the name for you and a test will be sent once your account is ready.

Once you get the go ahead from Clubhouse you’ll be able to drop into audio chats provided you’ve been invited, or create your own for others to ask to listen into.

Given that there was a degree of exclusivity to the app at the beginning of the year, hence its popularity, it will be interesting to see what a wider rollout means now that the allure of exclusivity is gone.

Either way the social audio landscape is about to get crowded, with Twitter launching a rival platform in Spaces, along with Facebook, LinkedIn and others working on similar products.

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