EA is giving away free Mass Effect content

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The Mass Effect Legendary Edition remasters are out later this month and, to keep the hype train going, publisher EA currently has a giveaway of content that used to be bundled with the games.

“For a limited time, fans have a chance to download free bonus content previously only available in the Deluxe Editions of [Mass Effect] 2 + 3, and more!” the official Mass Effect account recently tweeted out. 

That tweet links to this page on EA.com where the content will be available until 31st May 2021. This is a generous timeframe as the Legendary Edition launches on 15th May, so you will be able to access these freebies until after that is released.

That being said there is a disclaimer: the content will only be available “until download capacity is reached”. Unfortunately there’s no exact details about what this capacity is so we recommend downloading it right now if you’re interested. At the time of writing it’s still available though it took its sweet time to come down the line. We have to assume that people are rushing to get it.

The download is 1.7 gigabytes and it’s a zipped file. All the soundtrack files are .mp3s and the rest of the content is in regular old PDF format. There isn’t any intrusive DRM and you don’t need any weird programmes to open the files.

If you’re paying per gigabyte downloaded, or space on your drive is precious, here’s the breakdown of what’s included:

88 Iconic Tracks

Download and enjoy your favorite music from the trilogy. Tracks include ‘Mass Effect Theme’, ‘Uncharted Worlds’, ‘Suicide Mission’, ‘Illusive Man’, ‘Leaving Earth’, and many more.

2 PDF Art Books

Delve deeper into the saga with two exquisite digital art books (for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3) from BioWare.

2 PDF Comic Books

Learn more about the Mass Effect universe with two limited edition digital comic books from Dark Horse Comics: Mass Effect: Redemption issue 1 and Mass Effect: Invasion issue 1.

Normandy Digital Lithograph

Show off the best ship in the fleet with a digital lithograph featuring the Normandy in the heat of battle.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.