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How much time do South Africans spend staring at their Nokia phones?

It is fairly well documented at this stage that people spend a lot of time on their phones. New research from HMD Global, pinpoints how much time is being spent staring at their Nokia Mobile phone screens by South Africans. According to the company that figure is 263 minutes on average per day.

The company had a host of other interesting data sets regarding the smartphone habits of local Nokia phone owners, with over 60 percent stating that they love their device. That figure seems a tad low, but the metric is love not satisfaction, so it is a little unclear what the parameters of love would be.

More concrete data shows that the lockdown has had quite the influence on our phone habits.

This as 174 minutes on average are dedicated to browsing the internet per day, with social media browsing quite similar at 172 minutes per day.  and listening to music is 144 minutes on average.

HMD also explains that 62 percent of South African Nokia Mobile phone owners use their device for banking applications and services, while 44 percent make use of it for online shopping. The latter figure makes sense especially given the rise of ecommerce during the lockdown.

As for general sentiment about the state of smartphones in general locally, price, security and privacy remain concerns.

“Results from Nokia phones global consumer trend report revealed that 69% of people think smartphones have become too expensive and 81% want phones that can stand the test of time,” notes a press release regarding the findings of the report.

When it comes to the cost of flagship phones in SA, this is something we certainly concur with.

“Over 40% of the population worry about being scammed, especially the younger demographic of (18-24 year old’s) who have been victims of scamming or fraud through their phones. Despite this, it is the 25–44 year age bracket who are more concerned about privacy on their phones,” the release adds.

While this data is highly Nokia-specific, it does point to general experiences across the smartphone industry. As such, with consumers spending increasing time on their smartphones, more is expected from manufactirers in terms of quality, performance and price. The brands that can meet those needs more easily, will likely stay around for longer.

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