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Huawei partners with Youth ICT Council to offer 5G training to 100 SA graduates

The wait for 5G spectrum allocation is still ongoing in SA, but that has not stopped one of the companies at the forefront of this technology from thinking about 5G training locally in a bid to foster greater skills and insights for this broadband technology.

This as Huawei has announced a new partnership with the Youth ICT Council that will see 100 South Africa graduates receive 5G training as part of a wider commitment to develop 4IR-related skills in the country.

“As a leading ICT solution provider and the leader in many technologies, we fully understand how big a driver technology is for social and economic transformation. We are also very aware of the importance of developing talent and supporting South Africa’s ICT skills,” explained Kian Chen, deputy CEO for Huawei SA, during the announcement of this training programme earlier this week.

“Our 4IR training programme, run in conjunction with the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT), is targeting more than 6000 learners, who are either post graduate ICT students or practitioners,” he added.

While we’re yet to realise a fully fledged 5G environment in SA, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) was on hand to point out that skills development in this field will prove crucial moving forward, especially if the country is to leverage the possibilities that enhanced connectivity holds.

“The information requirements for sensors on things like self-driving cars, smart objects, and factory components, mean that we’ll need ever-increasing levels of connectivity and bandwidth. 5G is an important element and great technology to provide that connectivity and building the networks behind it will take widespread skills development,” added Dr Albert Lysko of the CSIR.

It will be interesting to see what this partnership yields, especially as the Youth ICT Council was only launched earlier this year. As such, we will be keeping tabs on how the 100 graduates perform following the 5G training.

“The Youth ICT Council’s strategic partnership with Huawei Technologies South Africa is informed by how it invests extensively in technology development and is able to stay ahead of the market with regards to providing the latest technological solutions, while advocating for broader inclusion in the digital economy,” highlighted Luvo Grey, president of the ICT Youth Council.

[Image – Photo by Shiwa ID on Unsplash]

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