Iron Man costumes the star of the show in two games

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In a bit of a coincidence two different games have shown off content cantered around Iron Man within hours of each other: Marvels’ Avengers and Marvel Future Revolution.

Let’s start with Avengers because it’s already out and the costume in question here is likely more familiar. One of the big complaints people had with this game at its reveal and all the way up to release is that the characters were not their MCU interpretations with many calling these new Avengers knockoffs.

While that may still be the case players will be able to cosplay as the Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man thanks to a new cosmetic based on the armour seen in Avengers: Endgame.

This nanotech armour – made distinct with its gold upper arms and unique arc reactor shape – is mark LXXXV (85).

This new armour has already been added to the game and is available in its marketplace.

Iron Man joins Black Widow in getting cosmetic DLC to match the MCU.

Marvel Future Revolution is a game we’ve been waiting ages for after it was revealed in March 2020 as ‘Marvel’s first open world RPG on mobile’.

Since then details and reveals have been slowly released but we still don’t know when it will be available, its price or what mobile devices it will support.

What we do know now is that Iron Man, as is tradition, will have access to various armours for players to use.

This is thanks to a “costume spotlight” (see below) released on the official YouTube channel for the game. In the span of a few seconds we see a good dozen or so armour variants so you may want to slow the video playback speed down to catch all of them.

As with all the other news about this game it’s equally vague and no information is provided about how and when these armours can be unlocked.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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