LEGO’s newest set has a Spider-Man meme built in

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LEGO has revealed set 76178: Daily Bugle, a buildable skyscraper based on the famous, fictional newspaper from the world of Spider-Man.

While the set is packed with interesting details – which we’ll get to in a minute – we have to start off of with the set’s buildable meme. While Peter Parker is usually a freelancer at the Daily Bugle, he has what appears to be his own office in the building.

This office is furnished with just a desk, a phone, a green wall and a picture of Spider-Man.

This is, of course, a reference to the meme using a still from the 1967 Spider-Man animated show. Below left is an official promotional image released by LEGO, and right is the still used in the meme.

So what’s on offer here aside from a meme you can build? 76178: Daily Bugle has 3 772 pieces that, when assembled, makes a structure that measures more than 82 centimetres tall.

Populating the Daily Bugle is a whopping 25 minifigures. You can see the full range of them available in the image below, which is a picture of the top of the box.

Aside from the sheer high quantity on offer here this also represents many famous Marvel characters being rendered in LEGO for the first time, notably The Punisher, Daredevil and Black Cat.

Image credit – The Brothers Brick.

As for price, strap in. Depending on where you live this will run you €299.99 / £274.99 / $299.99 / AUD$499.99 / CAD$399.99.

Here in South Africa our pricing is usually based on the UK one, as our markets are somewhat comparable and it includes tax already, unlike the US one. Right now £274.99 converts to around R5 476, but we highly doubt the local price will be even close to that.

With such a big product import and shipping prices go up, and we doubt 76178: Daily Bugle will cost less than R6 000 in South Africa. If we had to guess we’d peg the price at around R6 500 just to be safe.

If that price has scared you off you may be swayed back into the fold by some extra details you can see in the gallery below. It’s clear here that the designers and toy engineers put a lot of love into this set with nods to just about every incarnation of Spider-Man on display.

Our favourites are the inclusion of the Spider-Mobile which sticks to the side of the building, the built Daily Bugle sign and a reference to the “Just the Facts” podcast as seen in the PlayStation Spider-Man games.

In countries that support the LEGO VIP programme this set will be available to members from 26th May. For the rest of us there will be a general release on 1st June.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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