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No word on Disney+ in South Africa following local Showcase

This afternoon members of the media were invited to an event with a rather long name: Walt Disney Africa’s Winter/Spring ‘21 Media Networks Content Showcase. While this would be the perfect place for news on the Disney+ streaming platform, there was unfortunately nothing doing in that arena.

The livestream ended with no word on the service but, thankfully, there was a public Q&A portion for attendees to leave their questions with the most important likely being this one:

Anonymous user: Is there any news on when Disney+ will be available in SA?

Disney Africa: We know everyone is super excited about Disney+! There’s no news to share at the moment but we promise to once there is :)

And that’s that for the time being really. Like everyone else in South Africa we’ve been desperately waiting for a shred of news to be revealed about when we can legally access the platform.

Premium shows that have caused much discussion – The Mandalorian, WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier to name a few – have come and gone without ever being made available in the country.

We won’t get into the topic of piracy and getting around georestrictions right now, but we’ve seen countless South Africans discussing these shows in depth.

While Disney Africa did explore many shows it has available through DStv, we’re sure most were looking forward to Disney+.

In that arena what we have to look forward to right now is the in-theatre release of Black Widow. On 9th July South Africans can physically go to theatres to see the latest film in the MCU but, as we discussed in out Akira IMAX re-release review, this is a gamble, especially as the country struggles with a painfully slow vaccine rollout.

Those lucky enough to be in America or the select few countries that Disney+ exists in, Black Widow will also be available on the platform for subscribers willing to pay an additional fee.

There’s also the first season of the Loki series which will begin on 9th June, streaming exclusively on Disney+. Below is the latest clip released for the show, which is as close as local viewers can get to it without breaking the law.

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