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Samsung expands Smart Monitor lineup with new 24″ & 43″ options

Over the past year we have seen a number of consumer electronics manufacturers tweak their products to meet the changing demands of those working from home. This has meant better webcam, speaker and mic setups on notebooks as an example, while external monitors and displays have also been getting some fine tuning. In the case of Samsung, it means expanding its Smart Monitor lineup, with two new flavours being added this week.

The two new models being introduced are the 24″ M5 monitor which delivers 1080p visuals and the 4K-enabled 43″ M7 variant. These latest offerings now sit on either side of the current Samsung Smart Monitor spectrum.

“As time spent working, learning and playing from home increases for people around the world, homes are being transformed into multi-functional environments,” highlights Hyesung Ha, senior vice president of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics of how WFH has changed consumer requirements.

“Our expanded Smart Monitor lineup will continue to provide users with even more convenient and flexible ways to accomplish everyday activities through technology, enabling them to truly ‘do it all’ through powerful mobile and PC connectivity on the smartest monitor available on the market today,” adds the SVP.

These “do-it-all” monitors as Samsung describes them, feature built-in speakers along with running the Tizen operating system. The latter is rather important as it allows the Smart Monitors to run applications like Office 365 on the device itself, as well as entertainment platforms like Netflix.

Added to this is support from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (depending on region), with Bixby thrown in for good measure, although we don’t see Samsung’s digital assistant getting as much love as Google’s will. Being a Samsung product you can also get support for DeX via a compatible Galaxy smartphone.

If you are wanting a multi-display setup (as pictured in the header) with notebook and Smart Monitor working independently, you can now do that.

Given the functionality over conventional displays, these new Samsung offerings don’t come cheap. At the time of writing, local availability and pricing have not been confirmed, with no word on the new 43″ and 24″ variants. That said the 32″ M5 Smart Monitor goes for R6 799 to give you an idea of pricing.

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