Star Wars: Squadrons headlines PlayStation Plus games for June

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Most of our attention today will be on Sony’s gameplay reveal for the hotly anticipated Horizon Forbidden West at 16:00. While we await a release date for the title, Sony has detailed what will be freely available for PlayStation Plus members to play during June. There are a trio of titles in the mix, as there often is, and leading the pack is Star Wars: Squadrons.

When we reviewed the game last year it proved most impressive, so those who have not taken the plunge to play on PS4 or PS5 will have the opportunity to do so next month. Star Wars: Squadrons is joined by Operation: Tango, which is exclusive to those with a PS5 console and Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Edition, serving up a nice mix of gaming genres to try out.

Of the trio of titles, Operation: Tango is the only one we have not encountered yet, but for those who enjoy co-op gameplay, it may be worth checking out, as players try to hack different systems while assisting one another.

Unlike Squadrons and Tango, both of which will be accessible from 1st June until 5th July for PlayStation Plus members, Virtua Fighter 5 will be available for two months, with access ending come 2nd August.

The fighting title offers up the usual bevy of close quarters combo mashing gameplay, but there are also a few online features that may be of interest, such as being able to set up and participate in up to 16-player tournaments with live spectating as well.

If you have not checked out the PlayStation Plus titles that have been made available this month, you’ll have until 31st May to give Battlefield V, Stranded Deep and Wreckfest: Drive Hard a try before they are no longer freely accessible.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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