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Unisa assignments delayed into June

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has announced yet another extension for the submission of first assignments.

The announcement to students, below, moves first assignment due dates out of May and into early June.

We are aware that some students have experienced challenges and are unable to meet the first assignment due date of 24 May 2021. We wish to encourage all students to submit their assignments on time. However, we will keep the module sites open until 7 June 2021 in order to provide those students who experience challenges enough time to submit first assignments.

Continuous assessments, Signature modules and ECP modules are excluded.

To understand why this is significant it’s important to know that this is now the third delay that has affected the same batch of assignments. First an extension was granted to 12th May, and then to the 24th May date mentioned above.

Unisa has a long history of triple delays, especially when it comes to registrations when there are instances of them happening back to back.

But why are these delays needed? After registrations ran late for this semester students found themselves with little time to work on them, with some even stating that they had just days to complete work that would usually take a week or more on average.

While this has happened before these problems were made worse by the late release of student allowances leaving them with no access to study materials or even food and board.

This collimated in the #UselessUnisa hashtag trending on Twitter as thousands of students expressed their exasperation in these problems and the university’s seemingly lackadaisical approach to remedying the situation.

With all of this in mind it’s not difficult to see why Unisa put another extension in place.

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