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Cyberpunk 2077 patch makes the final boss harder

This story contains minor spoilers for the final boss in Cyberpunk 2077

As we get deeper into the lifespan of Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red continues to patch the broken game with the latest being 1.23 which fixes a number of issues regarding problems experienced in missions, but what stuck out to us is a small buff to the final boss fight Adam Smasher.

This enemy will no longer take damage when animating between attack phases. Anyone who has finished Cyberpunk 2077 will know that Adam Smasher is an absolute cake walk and a very weak final boss for the game. Even those who didn’t upgrade a lot of combat options should find this an easy fight so we’re happy to see the character receive this buff.

We were very disappointed in our playthrough to see the final boss of the game absolutely melt into nothing as we stood motionless and unloaded our best automatic shotgun into his face for a fight that lasted all of 20 seconds. Hopefully this change will see other parts of the game receive better difficulty scaling.

Patch 1.23 also contains:

• Fixed an issue where after killing a NPC and stealing their car, their body could get stuck in the car.
• Adam Smasher will no longer receive damage during animations between his attack phases.
• Fixed an issue where dropping a NPC’s body caused too much destruction.
• Cataresist cyberware should now work properly.

• Fixed Johnny’s spectral appearance in various quests.
• Fixed various issues related to clipping in NPCs’ clothes.
• Fixed appearance of rocks in the Badlands.
• The Pickup: Fixed an issue where one of the Maelstromers was T-posing.

Stability and performance
• Numerous crash fixes in animations, UI, scene, physics and gameplay systems.
• Memory optimizations and memory management improvements in various systems (reducing the number of crashes).
• Various console CPU optimizations.
• Memory and I/O improvement leading to fewer instances of NPCs with identical appearances spawning in the same area, and to improved streaming.

• Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to click the upgrade button while playing with 1280×720 resolution.
• Fixed an issue where toggling the Windowed and Fullscreen modes with Alt+Enter made the game appear unresponsive.
• [Steam] Changing language settings to default will now set it to the language of the Steam client.
• A popup message asking to verify integrity of game data will now be displayed when incomplete or corrupted game data is detected.

• Fixed an issue where signing out during a scene fade-out could result in the game being partially unresponsive.
• Fixed an issue where the Pause Menu would open again on its own if the Xbox guide and the Pause Menu were closed in quick succession.

While that’s a decent list of changes what’s more impressive is the host of fixes for various quests and missions.

In the full Patch 1.23 notes available here, 17 missions throughout the game have received updates either to properly flow so the player can actually complete them or to tighten things up to prevent small errors.

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