htxt.africast – The Dawn of Windows 11

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Windows 11 has been possibly the worst kept secret in technology recently, but Microsoft has finally let the cat out of the bag and announced the new OS to world. In this week’s edition of the africast we look at what many people will be using in a few years.

Before that let’s talk about the big events from this week starting with a pair of brothers who have seemingly pulled off the biggest crypto heist in the world running off with an entire country’s GPD worth of Bitcoin. A lack of regulation of crypto, especially in South Africa, may mean that the multiple billions are never recovered. Fun.

What is fun is something LEGO South Africa sent us in the form of the new LEGO set based on the popular show Friends. We’re still building it and will have more to talk about later, but it’s a very fun set with dozens of deep cuts to Friends episodes. It’s also a great display piece for those looking for a new shelf ornament.

Finally for news it’s the Hubble Telescope, which has gone dormant and fears right now are that it may not be able to be recovered. Things like this and the Arecibo Observatory destruction seems like direct blows to the advancement of mankind.

As for our main topic Windows 11 has been revealed and there’s a lot to see with Microsoft laying it bare in a recent show. As much as what we see is exciting we’re worried about potential problems, especially as Microsoft has a problem with delivering two new OS’ back to back that are worth using. With Windows 10 still supported until 2025 there’s time for Windows 11 to arrive and be improved, but the transitional period is always rocky.

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