Many series staples will return in Far Cry 6

We are still a few months out from the 7th October release of Far Cry 6, but it seems the marketing machine for the game is gaining speed and the latest place for it is Reddit.

The site is known for its Ask Me Anything (AMA) events where users can ask people and companies of interest whatever they like, and several developers on Far Cry 6 have held an AMA recently.

The full AMA can be read right here, but when reading through it, what struck us is the fact that so many mechanics and ideas from past games will be returning in this new entry.

It’s no secret that the Far Cry series has had a serious problem at its core ever since Far Cry 3 – this problem being that of repetition. Every game since 3 seems to continuously recycle what game did with little room for change.

Far Cry 4 and 5 had their charms, but ended up feeling like similar expansions for 3. Even the spinoffs Far Cry Primal and Far Cry New Dawn suffered from these problems.

So let’s look at some of the AMA questions and answers to see what will return. We’ve shortened some parts of the AMA for the sake of readability.

Q: Will we see old takedowns like knife throw takedown, grenade takedown, two death from above and possibly other new takedowns?

A; Takedowns are definitely back and fully ready for stealth players with plenty of new animations

Q: My question is: is the wingsuit still in the game? That’s my favorite way of getting around, I really hope we’ll still have it. Also the grappling hook?

A: Happy to say Yes & Yes

Q: Will there be human amigos similar to the guns for hire in far cry 5?

A: We focused on Amigos being animals for FC6, but that doesn’t mean you will always be fighting alone, Yara is full of like minded people that want to take the fight to Castillo and bring down the regime!

Q: Will we be able to fly helicopters and planes and drive boats in free roam open world gameplay?

A: For sure! There is a wide range of land, sea and air vehicles that you can acquire to roam the world of Yara

Q: What can you tell us about the co-op in Far Cry 6? Any improvements or new additions made from the previous games? How many players is it? Should we expect the tether system to return?

A: The full game is playable in Coop with the tether system that you experienced in FC5 and New Dawn, and it is as simple and easy to play with friends. We’ve just made sure it was a lot of fun to play with your friends ;) We’ll have more to show you soon!

Q: What information can you share about the wildlife of FC6? What game is the wildlife most reminiscent of? Can’t wait to play!

A: Wildlife has always been an important part of any Far Cry, in our case wildlife can be hunted and used in your different trading to get what you want.

To be fair to the developers even in the answers to questions about returning items there is mention of new elements, such as a tank which hasn’t been available before.

Even with these improvements and additions in mind it’s just difficult to get excited about these games when the feeling of familiarity has stuck around since 2012.

We’d love to be proven wrong and we do encourage everyone to read the AMA to see what has been promised for this new outing.

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