Naspers investing $42 million in CPT-founded mobility data firm

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WhereIsMyTransport is a Cape Town-founded firm that you will want to be keeping tabs on. This as the company, which specialises in mobility and traffic data for emerging markets recently received a sizeable announcement from Naspers.

An investment of R42 million ($3 million) to be more precise as the company formed part of a larger investment of R201 million ($14.5 million) funding round led by the Naspers Foundry, Cathay AfricInvest Innovation Fund and SBI Investment.

Part of the reason for the investment lies in the importance of the data that WhereIsMyTransport gathers and sells. Mapping both formal and informal public transport networks, it uses this data and technology to improve the public transport experience, with the view of making the public commute more reliable, predictable, safe, inclusive and accessible for millions of people in highly populated cities.

There is also a particular focus on emerging markets, which often have a need to improve infrastructure as part of plans to support ever growing urban expanses.

“Its aim is to develop solutions that provide commuters in Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America with real-time public transport network alerts, to improve their mobility and reduce the time they spend commuting,” explains a press release regarding the investment sent to Hypertext.

“In South Africa, WhereIsMyTransport’s clients included among others, Johannesburg commuter rail system Gautrain and Transport for Cape Town, and as part of its international client base Google, the World Bank and WSP along with others,” it adds.

As transport and mobility become significant considerations in these emerging economies, it looks like Naspers wants to be behind the technology that assists in those regions.

“Mobility remains an obstacle for billions of people in high-growth markets across the world. Our investment in WhereIsMyTransport is testimony of our belief that great innovation and tech talent is found in South Africa, and with the right backing and support these businesses can provide solutions to local challenges that can improve the lives of ordinary people in South Africa and abroad,” adds South Africa CEO of Naspers, Phuthi Mahanyele-Dabengwa.

As far as the next steps for WhereIsMyTransport goes, it has reached an important milestone by launching its first consumer product, Rumbo, in Latin America. The app will also be launched in Lima, Peru later this year, so it will be interesting to see how it develops and grows in the coming years thanks to the aforementioned investment.

[Image – Photo by Captureson Photography on Unsplash]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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